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If you've created your own custom recipe bourbon with Brain Brew UK, then you can order more bottles here.

Your recipe is made from your own blend of 6 different bourbons : American Oak, Maple, 200 Year Oak, Windsor Oak, Cherry and 3 Wood Smoked. Each is a bourbon that is traditionally barrel matured in the USA and then finished with a different wood. It’s the wood that gives whiskies and bourbons 70% of their flavour. Brain Brew UK’s patented WoodCraftTM finishing allows you to use many types of wood that just can’t be made into barrels. These woods all have unique flavours and aromas. By using different woods you can create an amazing range of tastes to find a recipe that is perfect for you.

WoodCraftTM finishing is 100% natural – using the six traditional ingredients of whiskies : wood, water, grain, yeast, pressure and heat. WoodCraftTM finished bourbons and whiskies have won many awards in top international competitions. So you can relax, knowing that whatever recipe you create it’s going to taste great. 

If you still have your recipe then tell us in the notes section below. If you don’t have it then we will send it to you once you’ve ordered.

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